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Rehabilitation for The Disabled


ELEPAP provides daily medical support
•    Doctor of physical medicine and Rehabilitation
•    Orthopedic Doctor
•    Pediatrician
ELEPAP's children are attended regularly by the following medical experts:
•    Pediatric Neurologists
•    Opthalmologist
•    Child Psychiatrist
At the clinics, children and adults are seen in the following situations:
•    For first time evaluation before joining a treatment program.
•    For re-assessment after a treatment program or other intervention.
•    Motor or other orthopedic problems examination.

  1. Before children are enrolled in ELEPAP’s integrated programs of intervention, there is an inter-disciplinary scientific evaluation, designed to suit the age of the child, by a health care team including Doctor of physical medicine and Rehabilitation, orthopedic doctor, pediatrician, pediatric neurologist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, musical therapist, special needs teacher, psychologist and social worker.
  2. For children who are already taking part in ELEPAP’s therapeutic programs, there is a Rehabilitation Team which meets at regular intervals with all the specialists and the parents in order to set short-term and long-term goals for each child’s rehabilitation.
  3. There is close co-operation between the medical and the other therapeutic departments of ELEPAP, in order to assess and estimate the need for orthopedic aids and adaptations.