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Rehabilitation for The Disabled


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The Program of ELEPAP addresses systematically and in an integrated fashion, the cognitive remedial, behavioral, emotional, interpersonal, and vocational aspects of the brain-injured individual
Every cycle  of the Program lasts for 20 weeks but  the total duration of  rehabilitation is determined by the specific needs of each participant The patient to staff ratio is 2:1 (there are 12-15 patients per treatment cycle)..
Admission Criteria
Adults age 18 -55 , who have suffered an  acquired brain Injury  like close and open TBI , stroke  AVM, aneurysms , brain tumors encephalitis  from  6  months to several years, ago, who have the stamina to participate in a 5 hours program , the ability  to verbally  communicate,  the capacity  to voluntarily commit  to the 20 week cycle and to be self sufficient .
Provided services

A. A comprehensive Neuropsychological Assessment of cognitive abilities and  functioning combined with an  evaluation of neuropsychiatric symptoms
B. Daily therapeutic Program 20 weeks
   1.  Individualised  intervention for the systematic  enhancement of cognitive abilities( attention  & concentration, memory, perception, speed of information  processing , higher cognitive &  executive functions  )
   2.  Group interventions aiming to foster :
  • Awareness of the consequences of brain  injury and their impact on daily functioning
  • Acceptance of the brain injury and the resulting  changes in  roles
  • Exercise of new  coping  strategies
  • Modification of  disruptive behaviors
  • Social and communication skills
  • The ability to empathize and relate
   3.  Group Intervention with the “significant others” in order to foster their  understanding of  the consequencies  of the brain injury and to enhance their abilities to cope.
   4.  Personal Psychothearpy /  Counselling in weekly meetings and follow up  sessions as required
C.  Program of gradual reintegration and adjustment in the work and social environment.
The program follows the  structure , the interventions and the cognitive exercises of the  Head Trauma Program -  Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine of New York School of Medicine in USA and is supervised by Dr Yehuda Ben Yishay. The therapeutic  personnel of the program consists of  neuropsychologists and rehabilitation counselors.
Brain Injury Day-Treatment Unit of ELEPAP-Rehabilitation for Τhe Disabled
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