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Rehabilitation for The Disabled


By donating to ELEPAP, a corporation will be able to reap a multitude of retroactive advantages, as it will strengthen its socially sensitive image in society, as our actions bring forth the ultimate improvement in children’s well-being.
The retroactive advantages may include:

•    Systematic, broad, and high-yielding promotion in the media and other bodies, with news casts at all kinds of events, presentations, exhibitions, and galas, as actions of good will ought to be advertised and aired publicly.
•    Sponsors are encouraged to participate at the presentation of donations at ELEPAP’s press conferences.
•    Mention in ELEPAP’s Newsletter, which is widely distributed to our subscribers, friends, and sponsors.
•    Mention (Rolling Banner) in our website
•    Use of the ELEPAP logo in company literature, websites and advertising campaigns (following approval from the Board of Directors).
•    Attendance of ELEPAP's Directors in corporate events, educational seminars and presentations of ELEPAP’s work, together with a recognition of the sponsor’s contributing actions.
•    Presentation of the program at a designated press conference together with the company’s representatives.
•    The possibility of creating a television, or radio advertising spot funded by the sponsor.      

We appreciate that each corporate relationship is unique and that expected benefits may differ, ELEPAP's in close cooperation with you, can tailor our programs to best suit your needs and corporate profile.