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Rehabilitation for The Disabled



MAY 2019


ELEPAP’s Brave Children’s “Games and Dreams” - Bank of Piraeus


It is a great joy for us to see our Brave Children, smile, play and make new friends. We would like to sincerely thank the Bank of Piraeus for this lovely “play date”. The organization has long been by our side, and for that we are grateful. On Saturday, the 1st of June, 20 children of the Bank’s employees, and 20 Brave Children of ELEPAP, aged 5-8 years old, accompanied by their parents, had a wonderful day in ELEPAP’s facilities.


Running the London Marathon for the Brave Children of ELEPAP in Chania

Manolis Roditakis, run the London Marathon on the 28th of April, for the Brave Children of ELEPAP. The Greek doctor dedicated his run to ELEPAP, and invited his friends and followers to show their support, by offering their help to ELEPAP.


CONGRATULATIONS to all the members of the “PROTO” swimming team!!!

At the swimming competition, the “PROTO” team of ELEPAP triumphed once more! The 7 swimmers of ELEPAP, (the youngest in the competition) moved us with their effort, they received great applause and they won 2 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze metals! Their sweet faces lighted-up with joy. The parents congratulated the group of physiotherapists, who swam by their side.


Chara Skoulariki “I run for the Brave Children of ELEPAP”

Chara run a difficult race, similar to the Brave Children’s everyday battle, in Edinburg, on the 26th of May. This race, the Semi-Marathon of Athens (March 17) and her participation in Powerman Greece (March 24) aimed to encourage and sensitize people towards ELEPAP’s work, and towards the integration of people with disabilities in our society.