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Rehabilitation for The Disabled


The second workshop of Go Baby Go Greece of ELEPAP took place on Saturday, March 16 in Pangrati.
The goal of the program is, to offer the children who cannot move on their own, the motive for transportation. Also, to boost their sociability and participation in group activities.
During the workshop, the volunteers, the therapists of ELEPAP, specially trained physiotherapists by Go Baby Go Israel, converted regular electric children’s cars. Five electric cars were adjusted according to the particular needs of the children, and were delivered to the families, ready for driving!
At the same time, that day, an electric car was offered to a student of the 2nd Special Elementary School of ELEPAP, by a loyal sponsor of the Foundation and the Vice President of ELEPAP, Child Neurologist Dr. Eleni Skouteli, Head of ELEPAP’s Infants Centre and the Mixed Daycare of ELEPAP.
The children’s bright smiles, while driving the brand new cars, was very rewarding, to say the least. Children’s laughs and games “filled” ELEPAP’s yard with happiness, while the junior rally drivers competed with each other who will go faster!  
Mrs. Marianna Moschou, President of ELEPAP, warmly thanked all the volunteers who worked in the workshop and she stated: “nothing is more valuable, than the bright smiles on our children’s faces. It is the greatest satisfaction and reward of all, considering the difficulties we face daily. The children’s strength is what motivates us to continue trying…”

During the event, the Head of the Program, Dr. Eleni Skouteli, read quotes form the parents’ journals: enthusiastic descriptions of their children’s adventures, while driving their cherished new cars.
Mrs. Eleni Mpouza, Child Neurologist, Director of the Infants’ Intensive Care Unit at Children's Hospital Agia Sophia, and mother of Andreas Georgakopoulos, warmly thanked the children and the parents for the courage and strength their happy faces offered her. The Program Go Baby Go Greece, under the auspices of ELEPAP, was made possible because of the generous donations deposited in the memory of Andreas Georgakopoulos.
We would like to sincerely thank, all who contributed to the realization of one more Workshop Go Baby Go Greece, and especially the families and the children who inspire us daily with their courage and strength.