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Rehabilitation for The Disabled


001ELEPAP, Rehabilitation for The Disabled,, inaugurated on Friday, 15th of February, the new Mixed Daycare, with the blessings of the Reverend Mr. Dorotheos Metropolitan II of Cyclades.

The Mixed Daycare of ELEPAP, is an innovative structure addressed to toddlers. It was designed to support the continuous therapeutic and educational needs of the Infants’ Intervention Program alumni, for the ages of 2-4 years old.

The Mixed Daycare offers an integrated program of accommodation, which includes the necessary treatments: Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapy and Therapeutic Swimming etc. It also focuses on the educational preparation of toddlers for their future integration to the general educational system.

The building of the Centre, was realized through the sponsorship of the Great Benefactor of ELEPAP, Giorgos Giouroukos and his family. On 2014, Giorgos Giouroukos made another generous donation, which was utilized for the construction of the Infants’ Intervention building of ELEPAP, “Marietta Xanthou”.

As a token of appreciation, to the family of Giorgos Giouroukos, the Brave Children of ELEPAP offered them a memorial plaque and paintings of their own creation.
The Mixed Daycare was named “Aunt Lena”, after Dr. Eleni Skouteli, pediatric neurologist, Vice President and loyal volunteer of ELEPAP.

The President of ELEPAP, Mrs. Marianna Moschou, stated “…the greatness and fortitude of our children, motivates us all, to try even harder and achieve even more!!... We honor and deeply appreciate the generosity of Mr. Giorgos Giouroukos and his family, sponsor of the “Marietta Xanthou” Infants’ Intervention Centre and the Mixed Daycare, another masterpiece for the development and progress of ELEPAP…”
Dr. Eleni Skouteli, Vice President, Pediatric Neurologist in ELEPAP, and General Manager of the Infants’ Intervention Centre and Mixed Daycare of ELEPAP, stated “…it was the urgent need to design, for two more year, the extension of specialized therapeutic and educational care, with no labels and limitations, which motivated us to build the Mixed Daycare. Our goal, is 50% of the toddlers attending the Program, to be integrated to the general educational system…”  
We were honored to have welcomed in the event, political representatives, and loyal friends, members, associates, sponsors and supporters of ELEPAP’ multiannual work.