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Rehabilitation for The Disabled


02rOn Tuesday 18th December, ELEPAP – Rehabilitation for the Disabled in Pangrati inaugurated the Minos Kyriakou We-All-Play-Together Model Playground. The Minos Kyriakou We-All-Play-Together Model Playground was completed with the donations offered in memory of the late Minos Kyriakou, following his family’s wish. The inauguration ceremony was attended by members of the ELEPAP Board of Directors, members of the family of the late Minos Kyriakou, parents, children, therapeutic and educational staff. As a token of appreciation, the President of ELEPAP, Ms Marianna Moschou, presented Mr. Theodoros Kyriakou and Ms Athena Kyriakou with an honorary, memorial plaque. “Apart from his entrepreneurship, Minos Kyriakou remained with integrity committed to offering to the society. Therefore, it is with great pleasure and honour that we are opening the Minos Kyriakou, We-All-Play-Together Model Playground of ELEPAP”, stressed the President of ANTENNA Group, Thodoris Kyriakou, at the inauguration of the Model Playground. Among others, the President of ELEPAP Ms Marianna Moschou, deeply touched, pointed out: “The creation of a playground adapted to the needs of our children comes as an answer to the acknowledged right of all children to be able to play! Yet another of our visions has come true!… We really wish to see all children on the swings, the slides, the merry-go-round, the seesaw… Laughter and joy on their faces are the greatest satisfaction”. For the design and creation of the ELEPAP Model Playground Minos Kyriakou We-All-Play-Together, ELEPAP wishes to sincerely thank the occupational therapists Ms Konstantina Kosma and Annie Apostolopoulou, as well as the architect Ms Vicky Biliou.
“Minos Kyriakou, We-All-Play-Together Model Playground”
At the ELEPAP Minos Kyriakou We-All-Play-Together model playground, children can participate in the activities they like in order to experiment, develop their skills, feel as much autonomous as possible, have fun and make friends. We have created a place which offers equal opportunities and various playing stimuli, thus encouraging children with different abilities, cultures, ages and sex to play with each other. For instance, a child in a wheelchair can equally use the swing, seesaw, merry-go-round, and slide in the same way a walking child can. Thus, all children will play together regardless of impediments or discriminations of any kind. The children who play together learn together, grow up together and live together in harmony in the society, and this is the most important message we wish to share with and extend to people. The playground of ELEPAP is a playground for EVERYONE. It was through extensive research and study that the occupational therapists Konstantina Kosma and Annie Apostolopoulou embodied our dream and offered us a literally model playground! Apparently, it is a simple playground construction; however, it required thorough research, from the design of every piece of equipment, colours, game/activities/equipment planning, to the children’s preferences, so that it fulfills the meaning of an inclusive design. All the above is intended to also serve the needs and preferences of EVERY child, maximizing the opportunities for spontaneous and free play. The ELEPAP playground is the first model playground for all children in Greece with rich play activities and equipment, most of which are model too, originally designed by the occupational therapists themselves. We hope that we shall be an inspiration for others to create similar places, in order to maximize the opportunities of EVERY child to play, with the intent of a better tomorrow, a tomorrow that will include all of us.