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Rehabilitation for The Disabled


FutureLFuture leaders,, is a non-profit civil partnership helping young graduates and postgraduate students of Greek and foreign Universities to be integrated in the labour market and become the future leaders.
During this year’s programme, postgraduate students of the Athens University of Economics and Business and business coaches from such companies as Wind, KPMG, Piraeus Bank and TITAN, undertake, as a practical exercise, to develop and deliver a business case in the form of a comprehensive proposal for implementation to the participation NGO by investing 10 days for the project.
On the initiative of KPMG, who is a faithful supporter of ELEPAP’s work, a team of talented and very promising postgraduate students selected the upgrading of ELEPAP’s website as the subject of their practical exercise.
Their help in organizing the upgrade of the website which we are designing was essential and catalytic.
Congratulations to the young people for their fresh ideas and the professionalism of their presentation. Congratulations to their business coaches are in order for the very good training and guidance they provided.