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Rehabilitation for The Disabled


008On Friday, June 29, 2018, ELEPAP celebrated the 3rd consecutive graduation ceremony from the “Marietta Xanthou” Infants Centre for the period 2017-2018.
Dr. Lena Skouteli, Child Neurologist & the Centre’s Scientific Director was very happy to present the graduation “degrees” and  as well as souvenirs to the children and their siblings.
“Many of these children who were preterm, had already graduated from the Neonatal Intensive Care Units of the Maternity Hospitals where they had spent the first months of their lives because of their low weight at birth” she said.
This year too, the parents and grandparents of the young infants who completed their therapeutic programme graduated with them. Once again, we saw the unity of Greek families in good and in bad times!
Dr. Lena Skouteli, who is the heart and soul of ELEPAP’s Infants Centre, thanked these families wholeheartedly for trusting their children to us.
ELEPAP’s Infants Centre “Marietta Xanthou” graduation ceremony has become an annual celebration.
The event was attended by the friends who share the vision of ELEPAP’s Infants Centre as well as by neonatologists from the intensive care units of state and private clinics.
We wish all the children a happy summer and may you always fly high with your new wings!

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