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Rehabilitation for The Disabled


TRAINOSE S.A. is embarking on a special initiative in the framework of corporate social responsibility, aiming at providing support to the work and to the Brave Kids of ELEPAP.
On the occasion of this contribution Professor Filippos Tsalidis,  TRAINOSE CEO visited ELEPAP with a number of company officials. They were shown around ELEPAP’s premises and offered gifts to the Brave Kids!
ELEPAP President, Mrs. Marianna Moschou said: “ELEPAP warmly thanks TRAINOSE CEO, Professor Filippos Tsalidis and the company officials for visiting our premises today. We were able to present our work and our people to them. They were able to see what we do for our Brave Kids all over Greece. But most of all, ELEPAP thanks TRAINOSE for supporting this effort”.
TRAINOSE CEO Professor Filippos Tsalidis stated: “It is a pleasure for all of us in TRAINOSE to help ELEPAP’s Brave Kids and to pay tribute to its work. The “Trains of Love” want to send a message of hope and it is our wish to mobilize the passengers because our joint contribution will create a bond between us. Today’s visit is the beginning of a special action in the hope that the children with motor disabilities and developmental problems will overcome their difficulties and will continue to inspire us with their inner strength.”
The “Trains of Love” will arrive shortly.TRAINOSE S.A. will be happy to announce the details of  this new initiative to its passengers.