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Rehabilitation for The Disabled


Athens-9000-Mathites-modMore than 9,000 students attended “Life Steps”, ELEPAP’s Short Intervention Programme that informs and raises awareness on disability issues among children and teenagers all over Greece.
The aim is to raise awareness by creating different feelings and understanding. To make “Life Steps” when dealing with what is different and with disability. The children explore new ways of doing away with physical and social obstacles. Experiential methods help them understand notions such as equality, parity, solidarity, teamwork, respect etc. They discover that in spite of any physical obstacle, “the glass can always be half full” and they “fill the other person’s shoes”!
Interaction helps the students to better understand disability, to deal with their fears and their reservation and to discuss an issue that our society avoids discussing. The mentors relate their experiences and their stories to the students. A high -school student asked the mentors “If you could wish your disability away, would you do it?”
Despina, an ELEPAP graduate, replied “I would not choose not to have a disability because everything I am, everything I have achieved, I have achieved thanks to it”.
Maximilian (from the Vocational Training Unit) said, “No, I would not because I have learned things about myself and about my relationship with others”
ELEPAP organized a party at its premises to thank the graduates who participated in the Acquired Cerebral Damage programme: Despina, Max, Evi, Mihalis, Orestis and Costas.