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80 YEARS ELEPAP: Hundreds of - participants sent messages of love and solidarity to support the courageous children of ELEPAP

ELEPAP and Natural Mineral Water ZAGORI, in the frame of the 80 years celebration of ELEPAP organized on Sunday, October 15, 2017, at Zappeion Race to support ELEPAP’s courageous children who give every day their own life struggle and become winners.
In a celebration of joy without without competition, ELEPAP, with 1,200 runners, sent a strong message for the integration of children with physical and developmental disabilities as equal members of our society. Natural Mineral Water ZAGORI co-organized the race as a loyal supporter of ELEPAP’s work for years.
Synagonizomaste1Participants ‘competed’ walking or running in couples with a disabled person or a loved one. All runners synchronized their steps, with the “Steps Forward” of ELEPAP’s children on the circular trail of 2 km around Zappeion Hall.
Participants were welcomed by the President of ELEPAP, Mrs. Marianna Moschou, who thanked the parents, therapists, other staff of volunteers and ELEPAP sponsors for their participation and support in the educational and therapeutic work done.
In her address, Mrs Moschou pointed out that "ELEPAP needs, now more than ever, the support and love of friends  to continue the work that began 80 years ago, to support   every family and child in an environment of solidarity , cooperation and trust.
Together, with the children and friends of ELEPAP at the Zappeion ,dozens of loved ones from the world of journalism, sport and television, among them Mrs Maria Nikoltsiou,  Emi Livaniou, Elena Papavasileiou, the Olympic Rhythmic Gymnastics Klelia Pantazi, Anni Pantazi, Mrs Kariami   and Evangelia Christodoulou and former players of Survivor TV Game,  Irene Papadopoulou, Sofi Paschalis and Konstantinos Kokkinakis.
Journalist Dimitris Markos announced the race with Mill Tsoumani from My Adventure, while at the decks, Anna-Maria Charokopou , Best 92.6 radio producer  played the music.

The race was held under the auspices of the Attica region which was represented by Ms Catherine Palios, Associate Regional Director of International Relations. The event was supported by the sponsorship of the Athens Medical Group, the insurance company AIG, the advertising agency The Newtons Laboratory, Golden Hall,  DreamTent, GEON Environmental Energy,  Access One-Three Hearts Super Bars,  Dynamic Team and  Chiquita.

ANT1 was the Communication Sponsor. More communication supporters were  « Daily », Real FM and Down Town.
Voluntary Rescue Crisis Group (E.D.O.K) was also present during the race. The successful sporting event was also supported by 'My Adventure' under the directions of Vasilis Tzoumakas.


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