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Rehabilitation for The Disabled


The finances and budget of ELEPAP are funded mainly by subsidies from the Ministry of Health & Welfare and by Social Security Insurance Funds. Another important source of income comes from donations made by the “Association of Friends of ELEPAP”, as well as by Companies, Organizations, Foundations and Institutions, which provide financial support and gifts-in-kind.  Finally, fundraising events organized by ELEPAP supplement the overall income.

ELEPAP is able to carry out its social work thanks to the invaluable contribution of individuals, companies, volunteers and organizations. Their financial support is critical for the implementation of our treatment–rehabilitation program for children with disabilities.

Please join our efforts by contributing with any amount you wish.

Tax deductable donations can be deposited to the bank accounts of ELEPAP:

National Bank of Greece 210 356 59 396
Piraeus Bank 5227-003038-303
Eurobank 0026-0203-82-0102716397
Marfin Egnatia Bank 0289750-40/2
Alpha Bank 700002002017540

If you enroll as a  Volunteer Member,  you can support our mission by paying a small annual fee.

Your Donation can make the Difference

The amounts of:
•    € 50 cover the weekly cost of taxi service for a poor child who lives far away and has an immediate need for continuation of its treatment program at ELEPAP;
•    € 100 will cover the purchase of educational toys for the Department of Occupational Therapy;
•    € 200 will cover the purchase of gardening equipment for the Department of Gardening and Professional Training;
•    € 500 will provide new educational material for the Center for Early Age Intervention
•    € 1.500 will give the opportunity to purchase a pole
•    € 2.000 can buy a wheelchair
•    € 3.000 cover the cost of the annual treatment of a deprived child of our institution without insurance coverage
•    € 10.000 will enable the Institution to purchase special beds and physiotherapy mattresses to relieve children from the long wait in wheel chairs