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Rehabilitation for The Disabled


What do I need to bring?

Gait analysis requires an appropriate view of the body’s movements. This can only be achieved by exposing the most body’s joints. For this reason, gait analysis is usually done in swim wear. If you currently wear orthotics (splints or in-soles in your shoes) customized shoes, mobility aids (such as crutches, etc) or any other specialist equipment, please bring these with you.

Will gait analysis be painful?

No.  3D gait analysis is a non invasive process. All the markers and electrodes will be stuck to the surface of your skin and are only used to record the way you walk.

Who will be there?

You will be examined by a physiotherapist who will carry out the clinical examination and assist you during the walking phase of the gait analysis.  An engineer will also be there to control and co-ordinate the collection of data.

How long will it take to get the results?

The results will be sent to the person who referred the patient within four to five weeks

How can I get there?

ELEPAP is situated in Eleones at Pylaia (see location). The Gait Lab is situated in the middle of the three buildings of ELEPAP and you can access the gait lab through the down gate.